Tuesday, May 24, 2011



hometown is supposed to be a place where childhood begins...

it's a family place where everyone are concerned about each other...

that's why it's called HOME...

but now i don't feel like KB is my home anymore...

not just i lost my mom, but i also lost most of my relatives and close friends...

at this time being, people are showing their ego and being selfish...

i can still handle people ignoring me even it hurts like hell...

but i can't stand when they ignoring my grandma!

how dare you breaking her heart!

during happy times, you came tagging along and had fun with us...

whenever you need help you came to us and we'll help you...

and this is how you repay us???

not a single phone call or even a quick minute to stop by at the house and say hello to her???

can you at least help her to overcome her grief???

sokay, tok che... this june you'll be staying in Mersing...

that's where your son will take care of you 24-7... *hope so

it also helps you to face the fact that your daughter is now gone...

you have to move on....

forget others that don't give a damn about you...

we can't depend on them anymore...

we still have Allah...

everything will be fine :)



  1. manusia dear,mmg cam tuh..
    when kite senang, tayah cari dorg pon dorg akan dtg kat kite..
    but then once kite susah n need their support, kite panggil pon dorg ta dtg..
    sabar jew keyh.. in'ALLAH, tok che n u will be fine..hope sgt tok che akn oke.. u pon hidayah, kne oke jgak tau.. ;)

  2. insyaAllah, i'll try to be stronger. just think what's the best for tok che now that's all. thanks for the support :)

  3. penang was the place where i grew up until 19 y/o and now im living in kedah, so not my hometown.. i've no friends here :|

  4. http://almarisiparipari.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-secret-wish-contest.html

  5. awwh.. sokay, you can always make new friends. it's better than actually having friends but not acting like one. best of luck! :)

  6. hopefully everything will going well...chill k bebeh!

  7. meniti senja : hopefully...

    aizat : thanks for the support! :D

    qelissa : amin... insyaAllah things will be fine :)

  8. dude, i miss you. i just got stabbed in the back by some people i thought were my friends. screw them. be strong love :)

  9. hi hidayah. i saw this entry update on yahoo. i think i've been MIA for quite some time, right?hee. ur in KB now? last time i checked, u were having ur exams so i din want to bother u. i miss u. let's hang out. if u want. :)

  10. dhamirah : dhami!!!!! come back sooner!!! KB is suck without you guys! >.<

    awin : i'll be having my exam this june. won't be around KB though during holiday this end of june. dunno when will i be in KB +_+

  11. oh sokay. good luck then! do ur best!and take care okay :)

  12. thanks! you take care too.. :)

  13. i knowwwww. and perth is like hell on earth to me rite now. i was thinking of going back in june but then the tickets are just way too pricey. i miss my friends. :( im having my exams in two weeks' time, good luck for the both of us!:)

  14. yup2..i'm having exam in two weeks too! hang on there, okay.. i wish i'm there with you too! as soon as you are here we can enjoy each others' company. can't wait! :D

  15. oohhh im so banking on that! cant freaking wait too! dude, nak p singapore x? i'm planning on going to spore with some friends this dec/jan. lol. i've deactiv8ted my fb cuz i culdnt stand those bitches who took me for a fool. so anything just ym me aite. maybe we can skype after our exams are oveeerrr. :)

  16. dhami!!!! check your yahoo email!!!! :D