Sunday, March 31, 2013

The "Up" experience. :)


today is the last day for the hot air balloon festival in Putrajaya...

i always want to ride on a hot air balloon...

i know it's not that thrilling...

but today's experience was just beyond words can tell :)

the mood, the scenery, the ambience, being on top of the world with your loved one...

it was just meaningful to me * senyum sampai ke telinga :D

reminded me a lot with "Up" and "The Ugly Truth" movie... So romantic...

plus it's not that easy to ride one...

in fact there's a man drove his family all the way from Penang just to ride a hot air balloon! :')

so this type of event really gave us an opportunity to experience it...

but of course we had to queue as early as 4am for the ticket...

and yes, me and fadhli did that... hikhik...

our balloon for today :)

the view from the top


hours of waiting for 5 minutes in heaven but it's all worth it ;)

overall it was a memorable experience...

looking forward for more great experiences :)


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

take it slow.


budak zaman sekarang sentiasa mahu senang.

tak salah. saya pun nak senang.

tapi kena la bersusah dahulu.

jangan la expect fresh graduate starting gaji RM 3000 terus nak beli honda civic.

take it slow.

buy cheaper car first, then bila ada rezeki lagi beli yang besar plak.

ukur baju di badan sendiri.

usaha lagi, Allah tolong.

be patient. take it slow.

jangan expect hidup macam menang lottery.

dapat lump sum hari ni, and boleh shopping spree.

kalo harta pusaka bukan sampai 7 keturunan tak habis, tak apa.

take it slow.

work hard nanti merasa la manisnya.