Tuesday, January 25, 2011

smelly +_+


i was super duper exhausted today...

got tonnes of revising to do...

and i'm literally need a massage now...

and i can sense that i was SMELLY as the class went by today, especially in the evening...

euuuuuwwwww! what a smelly girl :p

talking about "SMELLY" i remember two years back when me and my comot went to KAMI the gig...

as the gig ended, we took a cab to UM...

in the cab, i remember him saying,



"You're smelly..."

then he smiled :)


ouch! heee... we barely knew each other but he already said i'm smelly :P

sokay, even i'm smelly he's still with me until now...

well, tomorrow is going to be a long long day for me...

and him. good luck to us! :)

got to study now, later ;)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

25 Random Things About Me...


i've been tagged by ety...

i've done this type of questionnaire before...here it is ...

sokay i'll do it again and update a bit about me...

1. i'm currently studying at UiTM doing Certified Accounting Technicians (CAT)

2. i've done A Level before but didn't qualified to enter medicine school

3. after admitting CAT class, i realize how much i love accounting

4. finally, i can do things i love which is accountancy not medicine

5. i'm the only child

6. grown up in a broken family (not that i'm proud of it)

7. i've never met my father, never intend to

8. i hate liars! take note!

9. i'm stubborn (or you can say i have my own opinions)

10. sensitive over small stuff and easily get mad (watch out!)

11. wish to get B license ASAP. insyaAllah

12. i've never regretted admitting intec for 2 years. i've learnt a lot!

13. i wanna get married and have two kids! a boy and a girl!

14. i love trying new things

15. recently always dreaming about island. woot woot!

16. i wanna go on a euro trip over and over again please

17. i love soft toys! i want more and more!

18. i'm actually wearing spectacles but mostly comfortable wearing contact lens

19. i learn French when i was 16 and i would love to further studies in it soon

20. i like presents! do gimme some! don't have to be on my birthday only :P

21. i'm very manje :p

22. sorry guys! i'm taken (or married) :)

23. yes, i love pasta and strawberry with chocolate (i can eat them all day)

24. i love reading novels! nest on the list would be LA Candy Sugar and Spice

25. I love you" and "I miss you" are sacred words for me...(will not utter out to anybody except for family and life partner) ;)

that's all about me...well at least for now :)


tagged by rizqi...



thanx rizqi sbb tag hidayah! sorry, it took me a while to update. i've been busy... :P


alamak. tak mengidam dah skrg ni sbb dh ade yg special. alhamdulillah. we'll make it work aite no matter what ;) i bagi tau time bdk2 dl la ek.. time kecik2 dulu selalu pikir nak kawen mat salleh. maybe sbb tgila2 sgt kt boy band oversea yg handsome2 kn. dh siap ty mak ag nk nikah dgn mat salleh. mak jeling je.heeeee... tp kecik2 pun still dh tau ape yg nk pada lelaki. well, of coz nak seorang lelaki yg xsuke penipu. bukan stakat pada laki tp sape2 yg rapat dgn i jgn le tipu i. kalo ade yg menipu time dl2, mmg world war 3 jwbnye. ty la kat mak. i ni sensitif sgt, biasela manje. anak sorg. pas2 dh pnh witness family sndr broken. xpyh le cite psl 2 ek. so mmg dlm lelaki yg penting keikhlasan dan kesetian. kalo die ikhlas dan setia, die dh xpndg or terpikir perempuan len. hati pun dh xde org len selain sayang saya je. dan bile dimulakan dgn niat baik mesti la ag teratur kn kelakuan kita. so die x akan curang atau buat sesuatu yg boleh rosakkan hubungan tu kan. insyAllah.
since i ni manje, so mestila nk yg manje jgk. bley la melayan diri masing2 kn. heee...gatal plak :P dan die pun kn la ambil berat kn. kn la pikir masa depan hubungan tu. bg yg terbaik. xmo cerai2 ni. dh serik dgn cite 2. insyaAllah tuhan bagi petunjuk. pas2 die pun kena la jadi bapa yang baik kan. supportive and loving. just devote himself to the family. uwee.... mcm dh xsbr plak nak kawen. bestnye!


wow! well, seperti yg dinyatakan di atas keikhlasan dan kesetiaan. dan kejujuran. penting sgt 2. ltk kn dulu dlm hati dan insyaAllah kelakuan pun akan jadi elok. tp jgn ckp je setia tp buat benda lain belakang. it's not what u said, it's wut u did. action speaks louder than words. kata sayang kn. :)


Oh tak pernah ya. ngehee :) Maybe sbb takpernah ambik tau kot.

xtau dah nak tagged sape. tgk la nnt ek :)


Friday, January 21, 2011



chinese new year is coming up...

i am only given 4 days of holidays...

not like others who got 1 week of holidays...

after chinese new year, i've got exams and there may be no more holidays...

lots of stuff to settle...

DBT 7719 is said to be arriving soon... *wink :P

so i really wanna go home this chinese new year...

plus there's nothing better than sleeping on my own bed...

but i haven't bought ticket yet...haish...

i owe few people doing the tagged questionnaire...

i'll do it soon yar :)

and i've heard facebook is going to shut down soon...

hope it will come true...

enough with the changing relationship status, or any other status... haha!

kinda immature sometime when people seek for attention... (well, sometime me too)

time to grow up aite :D

well, i better start checking on the tickets now...

i wanna go home!

awak, hope to see you again :P


Sunday, January 16, 2011

joy + cry


people cry because of:

-hate, etc
-or maybe because of missing someone too much

after all the joy we experienced, we feel so grateful! :)

but at the same time we are scared that the joy will not last long...

perhaps there'll be a challenge somewhere that will take that joy away...

then we cry because we don't wanna lose that joy...

but you know what, we just have to have faith that everything is going to be fine...

we have to have faith that through "joy or cry" we are gonna face them with strong heart...

and always pray that happiness will always come along the way :D

Alhamdulillah, everything went well in my life lately....

and i don't wanna lose the happiness :)


p/s : is addicted to tumblr. reblogging do express feelings. it portrays what i feel :P


Friday, January 14, 2011

Too Little Too Late


*mood : jiwang :P

intro, Jojo: it's not about what you said, it's about what you did.

[Verse 1:]
Come with me
Stay the night
You say the words but boy it don't feel right
What do ya expect me to say (You know it's just too little too late)
You take my hand
And you say you've changed
But boy you know your begging don't fool me
Because to you it's just a game (You know it's just too little too late)

So let me on down
'Cause time has made me strong
I'm starting to move on
I'm gonna say this now
Your chance has come and gone
And you know...

It's just too little too late
a little too wrong
And I can't wait
But you know all the right things to say (You know it's just too little too late)
You say you dream of my face
But you don't like me
You just like the chase
To be real
It doesn't matter anyway (You know it's just too little too late)

Yeah yeaaahhh... It's just too little too late... Mhmmm

[Verse 2:]
I was young
And in love
I gave you everything
But it wasn't enough
And now you wanna communicate (You know it's just too little too late)
Go find someone else
In letting you go
I'm loving myself
You got a problem
But don't come asking me for help
'Cause you know...

I can love with all of my heart, baby
I know I have so much to give (I have so much to give)
With a player like you I don't have a prayer
That's no way to live
Ohhhh... mmm nooo
It's just too little too late

nice lyrics and video...



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a new day has come :)


i've registered UiTM for CAT yesterday... Alhamdulillah

the classes haven't started today as told by the seniors...

but i don't know why my friends still wanna go to the class...

catching up maybe... (so determine, huh)

the most frequent questions asked by others to me were,

"How old are you?" "Have you studied anywhere else after SPM?"

eeee.... too obvious that i'm older than others...

do i look that old?? not good :(

i'm not the only one actually...

my class consist of kids age 18 above...

those who are still waiting for SPM result were grouped in other class...

sokay, i'm still young at heart :)

the bad thing about staying here is, i can't go out on a date as frequent as i was in intec...

sounds like a long distance relationship...

(padahal both study area selangor je..heee..gewdik!)

still can meet up every week lorh...

love knows no distance...

we just have to stay FAITHFUL and LOVING always...

awak, we'll meet up soon kay...

i've been doing lot of exercise lately going up and down the hills... :P

hope it can shed my fat and make me look slimmer!

and turn me sizzling HOT like Megan Fox! haha! (why not, aite :P)


Thursday, January 6, 2011

i smell new beggining :)


it had been a while i hadn't updated my blog...

i just got back from bangi yesterday...

i spent 3 days at my friend's place...

toured around bangi made me a bit dizzy...hehe..

i wasn't familiar with the road and it was raining like cats and dogs! puff!

well, the closest mall would have been Alamanda...

and i've got the opportunity to watch him in action (playing football)...

my comot is really comot covered with mud yesterday...heee... I like...

being around in the new environment these few days made me evaluate life more...

when we have our happy moments, we should appreciate them very much...

because if God wanna take back those happy moments, it only took Him a second to do it...

i'm going to start new semester soon...

not in bangi though but in shah alam :)

i'm excited but nervous at the same time...

hope everything goes well...


this is my inspirational song for today...

chorus :
Takkan ku menyerah kalah
walau mimpi ku musnah

harapan ku hancur
sayapku patah

akan ku pancarkan cahaya
seperti pelita ke serata dunia
yang gelap gelita

sehingga hembusan nafas
yang terakhir

Selagi jasadku belum terkubur!
Selagi tubuhku, belum ditimpa uzur!
pantang datuk nenek moyangku,

i may not experience studying abroad and feel those 4 seasons now...

but i believe God have better plans for me...

maybe He wants me to experience the London's breeze later, who knows...

because He knows i've set my foot there before, so this time it's other people's chance...

hope i'm still in the line to feel the snow at Hyde Park...again...