Sunday, January 23, 2011

25 Random Things About Me...


i've been tagged by ety...

i've done this type of questionnaire it is ...

sokay i'll do it again and update a bit about me...

1. i'm currently studying at UiTM doing Certified Accounting Technicians (CAT)

2. i've done A Level before but didn't qualified to enter medicine school

3. after admitting CAT class, i realize how much i love accounting

4. finally, i can do things i love which is accountancy not medicine

5. i'm the only child

6. grown up in a broken family (not that i'm proud of it)

7. i've never met my father, never intend to

8. i hate liars! take note!

9. i'm stubborn (or you can say i have my own opinions)

10. sensitive over small stuff and easily get mad (watch out!)

11. wish to get B license ASAP. insyaAllah

12. i've never regretted admitting intec for 2 years. i've learnt a lot!

13. i wanna get married and have two kids! a boy and a girl!

14. i love trying new things

15. recently always dreaming about island. woot woot!

16. i wanna go on a euro trip over and over again please

17. i love soft toys! i want more and more!

18. i'm actually wearing spectacles but mostly comfortable wearing contact lens

19. i learn French when i was 16 and i would love to further studies in it soon

20. i like presents! do gimme some! don't have to be on my birthday only :P

21. i'm very manje :p

22. sorry guys! i'm taken (or married) :)

23. yes, i love pasta and strawberry with chocolate (i can eat them all day)

24. i love reading novels! nest on the list would be LA Candy Sugar and Spice

25. I love you" and "I miss you" are sacred words for me...(will not utter out to anybody except for family and life partner) ;)

that's all about me...well at least for now :)



  1. heheh.. kamu pakai lens eh?? hehee. anat nk pakai takut.. heheheh

    btw.. anat fllow kamu dear :)

  2. meniti senja : yup2! bagos2!

    anati soki : tanx cz following me! yes, i'm wearing lens... no big deal actually..heee... i'll visit ur blog soon kay ;)