Sunday, May 22, 2011

*craving =_=


i can't focus on studies now...

so i'm taking 5 and in a mean time i search for great food :)

i love eating! i adore art culinary!

i don't have the talent to make great food...

somehow i love baking instead of cooking...

because cooking is pretty much fussy :P

i'll learn how to cook soon, just give me time...

well, i realize people's new addiction is macaron!

i love macaron too! it tastes sweet!

but of course i can handle the sweetness since i'm a Kelantanese (who is famous for eating sweet food)

i better start learning how to bake macaron because it's quite pricey for small thing :P

i wanna eat dessert so bad!

maybe it's because i'm stressing out with studies lately...

and if you spell stressed backwards it stated desserts ;)

i usually search for rating of restaurants at this blog, Eat Drink KL...

very helpful i must say and i aim to eat at Levain next time actually...

maybe it's because i wanna taste more macarons again!

i also want more cakes, tarts, chocolates, name it...puff!

fuckyeahdesserts:  this is so AWSOME! I’m sure that I won’t eat it x3  hor~ I dun1 to eat a camera!! I wan cake!!! XD

interesting aite :)


okay, maybe i should stop searching for food now...

they are making me hungry =_="

comot, desserts date yar soon :)