Thursday, September 30, 2010

i'm afraid of...


i'm afraid of... :

- my fairy tales turn into nightmare

- losing the people i love

- people that are close to me forget about me

- losing the attention that i use to have

- one day i'm not an important person to other people

- at one moment, i'm too weak to fight

- the fact the i'll give up to things i care the most

- one time, i may reach limits and just don't give a damn anymore

- my thoughts of running away from everything i have now

- being away, i mean so far away

- the lies that people tell me (i LOVE the truth, and i DARE to hear it)

- losing the support structure among close people

- not being able to hear voices that i care

- the things that do not go to plans

- the trust that will be broken

- getting hurt until i cry non-stop

- not getting what i dream off




  1. no matter how hard we try to avoid them, they will come over us. but honestly i'm also scared of them :)

  2. fatin : we just have to be confident and face them no matter what, right ;)