Wednesday, April 30, 2014

foodie ;)


i looooveee foood!

but somehow i see lots of peeps at my age are going through a diet plan...

makes me questioned myself, should i be on a diet too?

my BMI is definitely normal...

but peeps nowadays are aiming to be skinny, not just thin!

pressure of being a woman... *sigh

how could you say no to these? 

but you know, i realise i shouldn't be so insecure....

why are women always wanna compete who is the skinniest among us?

it always have been about the appearance...

work out for fitness and health but don't forget to work on our attitude too ;)

because no matter how do we look like, if we have a bad attitude, we are ugly inside out...

p/s : it's already may tomorrow! how time flies! but i'm ready for it :D

but first let me take a selfie :P


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