Friday, July 15, 2011

cantik :D


my lecturer said,

"Kalau nampak orang cantik pertama kali, REZEKI,

kalau ingin tengok kali kedua, GATAL!"

haha! behave people, take care of your eyes :P

my lecturer also said, when we start to work at corporate level,

our boss can determine our salaries based on his personal criterias too...

i mean yeah professionally like doing good work, good communication skills, etc are important...

but good look also counts :P

so watch the way you dress, make sure it looks tidy, stylish and not boring... ;)

who knows you get a rise in paycheck... ching2!

but then my lecturer said you are the one who are going to be the BOSS once you achieved Chartered Accountant...

so you are the one who are in charged of hiring people...

got to choose workers nicely then :)

p/s : Relay For Life with comot tomorrow. can't wait! :D


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