Monday, June 14, 2010

the old blossom box store =)


The Old Blossom Box Store is well known among teenagers...

people keep telling me about the boutique and it's owner, Jezmine Zaidan...

she dresses for celebrities like Shila and Intan Ladyana...

i have never been there...never have a chance though...:'(

so i decided to pay a visit to that boutique yesterday for the first time...

i was impressed with the interior design of the store and also the cute outfits...

i only bought one dress...(well, it's not like i really plan to shop actually)

maybe i can have serious shopping there next time...=)

my aunt a.k.a che we and my mum

the accessories and bags

it's me =)

with the owner ^_^

people can visit to if they wanna know more about the outfits available at the store... :P

have a nice day!