Wednesday, June 19, 2013

jangan kaitkan.


from my observation, they are a lot of holier than thou people nowadays.

just a thought, no matter how bad a person is, please respect their family members when giving advice.

kalo orang buat silap direct kat kita, paham la nak tegur, tapi kadang2 tak buat silap kat kita pun. 

tak elok kaitkan parents orang yang dah meninggal dunia bila seseorang tu buat silap.

tak nampak lebih baik pun kita kalo buat macam tu.

and don't blame the kids as well for their parents' fault.

this is what i see from our culture, "Mak bapak tak ajar ke?"

no need to raise that up man...

we don't know what happen behind close doors...

just think what if the same things happen to you?

are we that perfect for Allah and for our parents, or kids?

no, right?

so tak perlu kaitkan agama dan keluarga.

yang silap tu kita, dan teguran pun ada adabnya. 

don't blame the religion and family members.

don't judge.


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