Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Respect part 2.


How to be respected?

Is it enough with having a good education and being nice all the time?

Because as far as I'm concerned my late mum who was super nice also ditindas.

Or are we supposed to upgrade ourselves and live at the elite residential?

Sebab kalo pembawakan diri dari tempat elit die tak selalu pegi kedai biasa2 dan tidak dilayan biasa2.

Are we going to be so pious so that we can show the innocent side of us?

Still people keji and condemn whenever we do mistakes even it's a small one.

How to be respected?

It needs to be earned like most said.

But we always respect others and never harm them, why they still mistreat us?

Something is wrong with us all.

We let the devils consume us.

No patience. Just anger and hatred.

People just don't respect others sometime, even you're a woman.

Enough seeing men humiliate and shout the women on the road.

If they have balls they should just fight among men, tengking perempuan watpe? Pengecut.

So how to feel safe again?

Yes, we can say it's a challenge but don't you think we should fix it?


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