Sunday, April 3, 2011

love & being loved :)


do you ever experience like smallest thing can make you smile the whole day?

even something goes wrong but when you are with the one you love, everything feel alright?

and every moment makes you realize that your love are getting stronger?

well, i've experienced that :)

last whole week, i spent lots of time with him...

even though i went out with my friend but i tagged him along...

and i feel so content, up until now :D

few things happened last week like :

i'd passed my T2, Information for Management Control paper!

gotta celebrate my birthday at Hard Rock Cafe after that...

did a cool body art *wink (love it!)

went to APACS Annual Gala Dinner 2011 at Sunway Hotel & Spa... :)

and he wore bow tie! uweeeeeeeeee :)

my very own chuck bass with his bow tie :)

i love you more and more!

let others be jealous...hehe


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