Sunday, July 4, 2010

day after day... :D


it's been a while i haven't updated my blog...

i'd been super busy..puff!

28th June
-done with my final paper...uweeee!!!!
-end of a level!!! :))

29th June
-got some packing stuff to do...
-lots of books and clothes i had to tiring ;(

30th June
-exactly at 1.30 pm me and him (and the gang) depart to Semenyih...
-we stopped by at Kajang first just to watch Spain vs Portugal ;)
-yeah, spain won...congrats!
-then at 4.30am, we departed to Broga Hill..
-went all the way up to the top...
-GOSH! tiring!! but it was F**king Awesome!
-got to watch sunrise with him... :D

nice view, aite...

-even though it had been a struggle to go all the way up there, but i'm glad i did...
-it was meaningful to me, to US...((:
-at night on the same day, i had to attend an annual dinner...
-it was held at Sunway Resort & Spa...
-it was a night to remember...totally!

i'm officially an ALUMNI of INTEC... ((:

1st July
-went to KFC, to have our last breakfast together before the holiday got started...
-sad... :(

2nd July
-arrived HOMETOWN...!!! :D
-is hibernating at home :P

that's all from me...